Bet365 adheres to the «Responsible Game Policy» and prevents possible manipulations, fraudulent actions, bets on match-fixing. Therefore, it imposes restrictions on the maximum bid, the size differs for different events (you can see it in the FAQ section). Allows users over 18 years of age to participate. Offers tools to help you avoid addiction:

  • alerts that help you control time in the game;
  • option break and self-exclusion for 6 months, one or two years;
  • budget calculator and detailed bets history.
Responsible gaming policy - list of features
Responsible gaming policy – list of features

The service has a multi-level security system, it will not be possible to hack or cheat the system.

The most effective way to win is to forecast carefully and place bets responsibly, without risking the entire deposit. But you can also use one of the mathematical strategies:


It is usually used when playing roulette, but it is also suitable for other competitions. The main idea is to put on one color (red or black). If the bet is not played, you need to increase it twice. After winning, we start again with the minimum amount. But remember that in online casinos, this strategy is quickly blocked by the system. It is best to use it in live matches. But even here limits on the maximum bid can ruin your plans;


The player makes fixed bets on all events in small amounts, usually from 1 to 5% of the deposit. In this case, events with a coefficient below are selected 2.;


You need to divide the total budget into several parts, the first bet is 1% of the bank, if you lose, then you need to put 4%, then 9%, 24%, 62%. If you win, go back to the beginning.

First of all, you need to remember that no strategy gives 100% results. In addition, the main thing in gambling is not winning, but emotions are more important. You can simply support your favorite team and get new impressions from watching sports events. This is a great way to relax and relieve nervous tension, if you manage your budget wisely. 

25 000 INR for the first deposit!